Progression Routes towards Teaching Excellence

Julie Olsson

Julie Olsson

When you are interested in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Education, but do not have any qualification in the field of NLP yet, where do you start? Your best option is to start with our 4 day NLP Cert Ed.  This course has been specially designed to help the good teacher become outstanding and carries the META NLP Cert Ed CPD.

Once you have completed the NLP Cert Ed, to complete your NLP Practitioner qualification, participate in Module 2 of the NLP Practitioner for Education. This is the next stage which allows you to achieve full practitioner status and skills.  Like the NLP Cert Ed this is also a 4 day programme.

It is a good idea to practice with your NLP  Cert Ed skills and progress in the following year to complete your qualification at the NLP Practitioner level. Or complete the 8 days of the NLP Practitioner training in year one and be ready for the next level the following year.

The following diagram shows how the Licensed Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Education and Learning is structured:

The NLP Master Practitioner

Where it is optional to take a year between the NLP Cert Ed training and the complete NLP Practitioner course, it is mandatory that there is at least one year between the NLP Practitioner and the NLP Master Practitioner course. The reason is that the NLP Master Practitioner course takes your skills to a whole new level. In order to reach that level it is necessary that you practice the NLP Practitioner skills for some time. Even though we know that other training institutes sometimes combine the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner course, in our view there needs to be at least one year between the start of the NLP Practitioner and the start of the NLP Master Practitioner course.

Like the NLP Practitioner course the NLP Master Practitioner for Education course also has two modules. NLP Master Practitioner Module 1, called NLP Mastery, focuses on the skills required for mastery of NLP.  Module 2 is our unique application of NLP for Education, Teaching Excellence.  Teaching Excellence is such a good programme that people already certified as a NLP Master Practitioner, or even as an NLP Trainer, still participate in this course as it gives them so much more to integrate into their skills set.  Our NLP for education programme is not just for teachers. It is for everyone interested in learning – teachers, lecturers, trainers and of course parents.

Here is the chart for the NLP Master Practitioner certification progression:

For those people who are already certain that they want to complete the whole programme we have a special offer that includes the NLP Cert Ed training in 2014, the NLP Practitioner course in 2015 and the NLP Master Practitioner course in 2016. Please, contact us to hear more about this special offer.

We understand that any training is an investment in yourself too. As such we give you the choice of either booking through our websites directly by following the links above, or first to discuss the best options for you in a free consultation call with Kate Benson, International Director for Education of the Society of NLP. In order for Julie Olsson to set up the call, please fill in the form below: